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55 King Street

55 King Street

4energy group companies, System Five and analytics4energy, are delighted to be working with the prestigious property development company, Emerson Management Services Ltd on a number of projects, the pilot site was 55 King Street in Manchester.


A landmark building, 55 King Street was built between 1966-69 and was the District Bank which later became Natwest Bank.  Designed by Casson, Conder & Partners (Sir Hugh Casson was the architect who laid out the Festival of Britain in 1951), its exterior was designed to sit well alongside buildings in the surrounding area, and its cladding is hand-tooled vertically ribbed Swedish Granite.


55 King Street occupies a prominent position in Manchester’s Central Business District. It provides over 70,000 sq ft of office space with some of the largest single floors available in this established business location and has undergone a comprehensive remodelling by Orbit Developments. The building is home to a number of successful businesses including a law firm, accountants and a design consultancy as well as high-end retailers, a fine dining restaurant and a gym, all of whom have varying requirements.


System Five, a 4energy group company, has an energy performance contract at King Street. Our engineers and technicians can remotely alter the buildings plant configuration and connect the site to halo our powerful analytical platform. The team at analytics4energy, another 4energy group company, closely monitor the buildings energy behaviour and report anomalies and potential areas for improved performance. We are also investing in technologies and services to reduce energy use within the building.


analytics4energy uses automated regression analysis tools together with Heating Degree Day (HDD) and Cooling Degree Day (CDD) determination which is automatically generated by halo. This has demonstrated that the energy consumption on site after the proposed works were completed now has a clear relationship with ambient which will of course allow us to continue making energy savings for the site.


It has also been pleasing to achieve such positive results as the plant at 55 King Street uses a hot and cold deck air supply system and has 3 basement levels (which were former bank vaults once used to store gold bullion) making the operational efficiency particularly challenging.
The contract we have with Emerson is a shared savings contract, which both parties are pleased to say, in Year 1 produced savings of 535,500 KwHrs which is a saving in excess of 18% from the previous year’s benchmark data.


4energy group look forward to continuing the relationship with Emerson in future Energy Performance Contracts and helping them to make further energy savings across their portfolio of sites.


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