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Your Partner in Energy Management


We have created two exciting cloud-based platforms which will allow you to monitor and analyse your energy use in fine detail. These integrate with all scales of projects and portfolios and make optimising your energy use and occupant comfort simplicity itself.


The halo platform was born out of the company’s unparalleled experience in energy analytics coupled with a passion for providing clients with solutions specific and tailor-made to their needs.

Halo utilises the power of cloud-based analytics to create unique and user-friendly energy-monitoring interfaces that help clients make better financial decisions. In essence, halo enables you to understand and, most importantly, control your energy and its associated cost.

For further information and to set up a demonstration contact
Dave Woodhams
07889 064345

livesight is our cloud based BEMS supervisory system and is a Software As a Managed Service (SAMS) solution. It connects to your site, campus or property portfolio through the internet and, via an intuitive graphical user interface, allows remote interrogation, adjustment and analysis to take place.

Based on the Niagara platform it enables the seamless integration of Trend, Honeywell, Distech and many other BEMS to allow you to remotely access your asset to manage your environment, reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and cost.

For further information and to set up a demonstration contact
Phillip Bray
07812 196409